Sheepskin Seat Covers – Comfort in Sheep’s Clothing

Nothing takes the fun out of spirited motoring like a ratty, tattered driver’s seat. The splayed vinyl lets that dried out foam squeeze through the tears, the springs poke through and snag your clothes, and it just smells funny. So, you do what any frugal motorist would do and cover those seats. But where does one begin? With so many covers on the market – camo seat covers, neoprene seat covers, custom seat covers, universal seat covers, tweed seat covers, bead seat covers – the list goes on and on – it can be hard to decide? Well, for the sake of argument and the point of this article, just begin with sheepskin seat covers. Why, you ask? After all, it seems a little barbaric to drive around with animal pelts wrapped around your seats. Well, when you consider that the majority of seats out there really are animal pelts, only we call them leather. So, in this case, it’s just a different animal. But there’s a reason why organic, natural materials always stick around despite all the synthetic materials to choose from; because they work. Known to some as nature’s natural thermostat, sheepskins stay cool in the summer, warm in the winter and comfortable all year long. This is due to the nature of the material itself. Since the wool is dense and soft, it allows air to freely flow between you and the seat. This natural circulation of air inhibits heat conduction, so you’re always cool and dry in the summer – warm and cozy in the winter. And it doesn’t matter if your vehicle’s been baking in the sun or freezing in the driveway, sheepskin seat covers always feel just right. When shopping for your new covers, make sure the set you get is custom cut just for your vehicle. There are a number of shop who use vehicle-specific patterns, so you just tell them your year, make and model vehicle, they pull the pattern, cut and sew the skins and send them to you. For an even better fit, you have to get tailored covers, but that entails finding a local shop that actually measures your specific seats and sews them on site. Stronger than steel and softer than cotton, sheepskin is tough, yet comfortable stuff. So, when you invest in these types of covers, you’re investing for a lifetime. Sure, they cost more, and in many cases much, much more, but for this kind of comfort and durability, could you expect to pay less?

Waterproof Toddler Car Seat Cover

Waterproof toddler car seat cover has won the hearts of many mothers for several years now. Not only because of its fun, colourful and trendy designs, but also because of its convenience and the fact that it is much easier to clean than the conventional automobile car seat covers. A mom simply has to place the waterproof toddler car cover for suv over the existing covers and your baby is ready for a safe comfortable and clean road trip. There is absolutely no need to struggle just to simply remove the safety seat and install the waterproof toddler car seat cover. You just slip it on and that’s it. And who would not love the moisture proof carseat cover for a toddler when it is machine wash friendly? Contrary to some beliefs that waterproof covers are too warm for comfort, these are actually very comfortable as it is made from cotton fibres on the top and nylon at the bottom to prevent any leaks. There are also more designs and fabrics to choose from so every mom would be happy to mix and match colours and designs. These waterproof seat covers will keep your baby comfortable as well as warm and in turn, keep your car seats and upholstery free from the baby’s mess. Most importantly, waterproof toddler safety seat coverings are a perfect fit to any car seat design that is manufactured today. There are a variety of sizes available for every possible make and design of baby car seats out there so moms would not need to worry if the waterproof toddler seat cover they bought would be a fit to their existing baby seats. So you see, with a waterproof toddler cover there is no need to worry about cleaning and keeping your baby dry all throughout your road trips. No need to think about how in the world you would get the entire baby car seat off and clean the seat covers because of spills and all the other messes that your baby can get up to. Simply snap on the Velcro straps holding the cover in place when you use it and snap it off just as easily when it is time to get it all cleaned up.

Sheepskin Seat Covers – They Are a Perfect Fit For Me!

Have you ever heard of the statement – Don’t knock it until you have tried it? Well this is the truth especially when it comes to sheepskin. Sometimes people have a certain perception of something even when they don’t know anything about it. This is true most of the time when it comes to sheepskin. Most people think sheepskin is bulky and hot. Well it isn’t bulky or hot. Most of these people have never seen real sheepskin seat covers. They see a picture of a sheep walking around with this really thick fur that looks like its really heavy and hot. Well if they ever actually sat on some sheepskin seat covers they would change there minds in about 2 seconds. A lot of people say they might would try sheepskin, but they would have to have the fleece as short as possible. Once again this comes from a false perception of sheepskin. If you go into a store that sells sheepskin rugs then you may see the long fleece these rugs have. Sheepskin seat covers doesn’t have this type of long fleece. Sheepskin seat covers has a very dense fleece that should be around 7/8″ long if its good quality sheepskin.

The fleece on these rugs is usually around 2 inches long and feels very soft to the touch. It doesn’t feel very dense and it looks like it would get really dirty easily. This type of sheepskin is not even close to the type of sheepskin used to make seat covers. I would never want shaggy sheepskin seat covers in my vehicle. It is now my intention to change peoples minds on their perception about sheepskin. If you ever feel high quality Australian Marino Sheepskin seat covers you would instantly know what I’m talking about. When I got started working in sheepskin my wife asked me why would someone want to put sheepskin in their car much less on their bed? I got some covers for my truck and she seen instantly why people should want sheepskin in their vehicle. She then asked me to get some sheepskin seat covers for her car. It was kinda funny really, she said Terry my seats are starting to look worn. I think I need to get some seat covers for them before they get too bad. Before this she would never have let me put any kind of seat covers on her seats. I do know some people see sheepskin the way it used to look. If you can find some old pictures of sheepskin seat covers – it really reminds you of another time when things were different. Now sheepskin blends in much more than in those days. Sheepskin doesn’t look bulky anymore, the fleece isn’t shaggy (unless you want shaggy then you can still have them made) and the good thing is. You can even get them in multiple colors. Sheepskin is no longer the days of old, but they are the day of comfort. It seems so many people that drive high end vehicles want sheepskin for their vehicles. Why don’t people with mid range or economical cars want sheepskin? Maybe they think they cost too much. Here is a secret, They are very affordable. You just have to find the right dealer.

How to Make a Baby Car Seat Cover

And one is not usually enough, especially if you use the seat often or you want to create a series of fashion statements for your baby. Every fashionable mom would certainly like the latter. However, the main concern of all parents is usually the added comfort that toddler car seat covers can provide. It is the extra cushion that makes the baby’s sleep or sitting time inside the seat that is the most important. Here are the instructions that you can follow. This activity is a great thing because it gives you the freedom to choose the best materials for your child car seat covers as well as gives you the chance to create something, with your bare hands and sheer creativity, which your baby will surely love.

Do not go cheap on this one. Make sure that you buy the best that you can afford. After all, it is for the safety of your child that is at stake with the product that you will choose. Then, you should measure the car seat. Add an extra 10 to 15 inches to your measurements. Select the right type of fabric that you want to use for your infant car seat covers. A cotton fabric is always a good choice because it allows air to move through the fibers and therefore gives better air circulation. However, almost any fabric will do. Just be wise on what you choose. Always think about your baby’s comfort. Try to pick a fabric that is washable. With the dimensions that you have gathered, create a pattern using tissue paper, transparent paper or an extra sheet of fabric. Place the pattern over the fabric and secure both using pins. Carefully cut out the fabric using the pattern as your guide. After removing the pattern, fold the fabric in half making sure that it is the outer sides that are facing each other. Then using a sewing machine, or if you want you can always sew by hand, sew the edges of the fabric / cover together. Leave out about three-quarters of the fabric. Turn the fabric inside out and then continue sewing the edges. Make sure that you leave a one-inch hole on the fabric. Place a one-inch hem on the fabric. Secure it firmly by using pins then sew them together, making sure to still leaving the one-inch hole open. You can then put an elastic band through the one-inch hole that you have left open. You can do this by putting a pin on the elastic and then inserting it, together with the elastic, in the hole and dragging and pulling it all the way through. Depending on your design, you can pin or sew together the ends of the elastic. You can then use it to loosen up or tighten the seat cover.

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